March 31, 2017

Well, almost 25.

Lately I’ve been…

listening to

music: “Morning Acoustic” playlist on Spotify // such good background music
podcast: Mormon Mompreneur; ep. 25 Kylee Ann Maughan // LOVE her, and pretty much everything covered in this episode (business, anxiety, motherhood, the whole shebang)


book: Shrill by Lindy West // this book has made me laugh, cry, and really forced me to look at my own, potentially hurtful, perspectives on certain issues.
article: Why It Matters That Pence Won’t Have Dinner With A Woman Who Isn’t His wife – Huffington Post (holy longest title) // this excerpt:“There is nothing disrespectful about a committed person having a meal with a friend or colleague who is not the same gender as they are ― unless one is to assume that any interaction not under the watchful eye of a spouse would inevitably lead to infidelity. In this worldview, men have no self-control, and women are either temptresses or guardians of virtue.”

Okay so after eons of telling myself I’m going to enroll in school again I FINALLY did it. And I did it like really last minute??? There were a lot of worried phone calls from me trying to make deadlines.

And a LOT of super rage-y moments, like when I was just trying to complete my  FAFSA and the IRS site that auto-fills my info for me was “down for maintenance” for over a week? (Probably still is???) So rude.

There was, however, a hiccup to my admittance.

So I decided to enroll with BYU-I online since I did the pathway program a couple years ago (because I knew that if I ever wanted to finish my degree, online was the way I’d want to do it), and if you complete that program you get suuuuper discounted tuition. My full-time online tuition cost is $814. Yes please. You literally cannot beat that. I’ll suffer through the endless religion courses for that rate.

Anyway, after jumping through the hoops that church schools have, I discovered my admissions decision was “on hold” because I was apparently on Honor Code Suspension?!?!

Here’s where the story gets great.

Through a series of phone calls I find out it’s a suspension put in place SIX YEARS AGO by the LDS Business College.

And get this, the hold was applied in August of 2011 (I hadn’t been enrolled since January of 2011) because the Honor Code office “received reports that I hadn’t been attending church in my LDS BC ward”.

I nearly died laughing when they told me that.

And the guy was like “looks like she (honor code suspension lady) didn’t even try to contact you about it…”

And I was like “NOPE, but that report was accurate, since I had been LIVING IN WASHINGTON since April!??”

He was so nice and removed it immediately since it was such bull anyway.

But the funny thing about it is it would not have been a person in leadership in my LDS BC ward to report it, because all of my records had been moved to Washington in April, and they would have seen it.

Nope, it literally was a student who decided to try to get me in trouble I GUESS????

Good job, you caused me a very minor inconvenience six years later, and a LOT of laughter.

Honestly though it was that honor code office lady’s fault for the inconvenience, like how unprofessional to take the word of some rando student and not even look into the matter to see if it was truthful hahaha.


I have been successfully admitted (which I mean, you basically just have to have a heartbeat to get into BYU-I…) and I’m now registered for 5 classes, yay!

So if you have any tips on how to manage full-time school, a toddler, pregnancy, and giving birth right before finals, I would very much appreciate them!! Because I am kind of freaking out.

Also any tips on how to manage college in general- I hate school with all my heart.
Or I guess I just really hate having to take classes I have no interest in (no I don’t want to write a research essay because surprise! my major isn’t English, and I’m definitely over wasting time on calculus because wow another surprise! math is nowhere in my major or ideal career, thanks).

Thankfully I’m only burdening myself with one useless class this semester, and the rest pertain to my major.

AND THANKFULLY the sun has stopped hiding so much and maybe spring is actually starting blossom?? We’ll see about that.

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