September 30, 2016

The darling shop, Love Girls Dress, sent us another package with adorable pieces from their Fall collection. It was definitely a happy mail day 😀
Featured in this post are the Limited Edition Fall Floral Romper, and Mustard Headband

Lucy is so into books, and she has only about a million. But I believe books are one of the things that it’s okay to have a ton of! In fact, for kid/baby birthdays/showers I usually gift a book.

But anyway, we’ll often find her reading in her cardboard box house or wherever, and a book is her MUST HAVE “toy” for the carseat. Her favorite is either “Barnyard Dance” or “Snuggle Puppy” (her dad made up a wild tune to that one!). Really she just loves Sandra Boynton 🙂

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