September 27, 2016

We always seem to go on one big road trip in August to visit Zach’s family over in Idaho. This year was no exception. However, we were met with the challenge of driving 13 hours with a toddler who can barely stand to be in her car seat for longer than 13 minutes. Our normal approach of driving the whole way in one day just wouldn’t work!

So we decided to break it up by planning stops and stays along the way. (Thanks Roadtrippers!) I mean, why not enjoy the drive instead of just rushing to get somewhere? 

Portland was an obvious stop. It’s such a fun city and there’s so much to see and do!

Our journey began at the Laurelhurst Cafe in Portland, where I had possibly the best salad I’ve ever eaten (excluding maybe Cubby’s.)

From there we headed to the zoo, and I think the Oregon Zoo might be my favorite. It’s huge, and beautiful, and super family friendly.

Despite the variety of animals, Lucy’s favorite parts were the fish that complemented some habitats. She would always run excitedly over to the glass, point, and yell “ifs!!”
The zoo was so big though that we didn’t get to see everything before it was definitely nap time, and we were definitely melting in the rare 95 degree heat.
So we headed to our cute basement apartment Airbnb for a quick breather.

It was our first time using Airbnb (because it has taken me soooo long to convince Mr. Skeptic that we probably won’t be murdered while staying in someone’s house) and we (yes, Zach too) LOVED it!

Our next stop was St. John’s Bridge, kind of a random place I probably never would have thought to visit were it not for the adorable Hailey Devine and her blog post about it!
It seemed like the perfect stop to run around, and break out the tripod for a family photo.

We got Voodoo Doughnuts because it might be impossible to be in Portland and not get them. I’m not a huge fan of their cereal ones, but I looooove their grape one, and the chocolate topped bavarian cream filled ones.

The next morning we hiked Oneonta Gorge, which deserves its’ own post, and visited Multnomah Falls on our way out of town. Multnomah is always over-crowded but it’s so pretty that we can’t help but stop there each time we pass through.

^^Decent photo I took from a weird angle to try to eliminate extra people.

^^The photo Zach took. COME ON MAN, a little effort??

*eyeroll* 😛

This trip was kind of all about waterfalls, as you’ll see in the posts to come! Stay tuned 🙂

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