baby style


June 28, 2016

There’s my wild child, being wild! I’m surprised I got any decent pictures, she was running around so much & refusing to look at me! 

She’s definitely a full-blown toddler now. Always on the go, curious about everything, giggling at everything, talking, throwing outrageous tantrums, the whole nine yards. But I gotta say, I’m loving this phase! She’s generous with her kisses and always wants to do a group hug with mommy and daddy. She has also begun singing, which melts my heart! 

Love Girls Dress contacted me about having Lucy as a brand rep, and I was thrilled! Their shop has the most adorable, sweet pieces and I couldn’t wait to have Lucy wear them. I mean, look at this romper! And her headband is so dainty, and could easily be worn in a more formal outfit too. 

We received a few items so expect more posts featuring this perfect little shop 🙂


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