February 4, 2016

I’ve been SO bad at blogging. Obviously.
I’ve kind of just been so bad at life lately, honestly. We’ve got a lot going on in our little family, so things have been crazy!

But since focusing on the positive is pretty much always the best thing to do, I’ve rounded up the 10 best things that have happened this month!

note: some are just plain dumb,  but it’s the little things guys 😀

1. Lucy in her cuuuuute Seahawks gear! One of the guys in Zach’s crew gave her a jersey and a cheerleading uniform, and we can’t even handle how adorable they are on her! I mean, just look for yourself

Fun fact: I had left my camera in the car for like days and it was freezing so my lens was foggy and awful and I was impatient so these photos are no bueno.

And those pigtails, right??! 😀

Clearly she transformed into a cheerleader.

2. Bailey, one of my best friends came back from Europe! She’s like literally the only person I hang out with since almost all of my other friends live elsewhere now. #loser? Besides, Lucy adores her and it’s great.

3. Zach had a birthday! 27. HE’S SO OLDDDDD. We threw him a little party a few days early complete with giant balloons, chicken fried steak, and of course, cheesecake. Lucky boy got an Apple Watch and I think he might love it more than he loves me 😮

Bailey helped me get the balloons. We had a hard time fitting them in her car hahah

She is definitely warming up to her daddy more lately. She always gives him giant hugs whenever he leaves for or comes home from work. She tells him all about her day, gives him kisses, brings him his shoes, and he’s her favorite shower buddy.

4. On Zach’s actual birthday I was able to ride-along with him! This time it was a day shift, so I didn’t fall asleep in his car at 2 in the morning 😀 I’ve only been able to ride with him twice so far, but I’ve enjoyed each time. It’s in a way relieving to experience his job, and to see that not every person pulls a gun on him like my imagination wants me to believe! Although literally every time he pulls someone over and approaches the car I’m on the edge of my seat trying to see and hear everything. And also maybe remembering how to talk to radio and take his shotgun out?? ANXIETY MUCH??
We reached 103 mph on this day, which I thought was cool but I’m sure he was just like whatever.

5. Bailey, Lucy, and I decided that this year we are going to explore more places just here in Western WA, so we headed up to Tacoma to try out a yummy sandwich spot, which did not disappoint. Our main reason for going to Tacoma, however, was to pick up a FREE infant car seat we found on Offer Up because I wanted to participate in Toys R Us’ “Great Trade-In Event”, (25% off a new car seat? yes please!) but didn’t want to give up Lucy’s nice (expensive) & still perfectly up to code infant car seat. GENIUS RIGHT? It was Zach’s idea 🙂 And it worked perfectly! We ended up purchasing one of the highest safety rated car seats and got $87 off! The event is going on through February 29th, so if you need any new baby gear (car seats, strollers, crib, high chair, + more!) I suggest taking advantage of that sweet 25% off!
Sorry, this isn’t an ad. I’m just literally so excited about it hahaha

6. Near the end of the month Zach, along with many other troopers, had the opportunity to meet with legislators to lobby for a much needed pay raise for the Washington State Patrol. Hopefully they’ll listen to us, otherwise it looks like a pretty bleak future for the Patrol. I mean, why would anyone stay with them when they could instantly get $20,000 more/year with a different agency?? I could rant about this all day but I’ll just leave it at that for now.
If our bill passes then that would mean some very exciting developments for the Bloomfield family! 😀 Fingers crossed!
I took this photo in our hotel while we were there for the lobbying. It’s my new favorite shirt.

7. Speaking of that shirt… While in Tacoma we stopped at H&M which is bae. I got Lucy some things and then that shirt for myself. It was $7 how could I not??

8,9,10. Just hanging out with my favorite people as much as I can!

I’ve been really into snapchat lately, we should follow each other! @haleighbloom


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