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Idaho ’15 | Part II

July 1, 2015

^^She’s laughing, I promise 😆

Just a few short weeks after Lucy & I accompanied my parents to Idaho, we were able to go again with Zach! His sister, Natalie, was having her newborn twins blessed and of course we wanted to be there! We try to use any excuse we can to visit family. It may not be as often as we like, but hopefully that’ll change someday.

Natalie has been through so much this past year, and she has proven to be one of the strongest, and most beautiful, inside and out, women I’ve ever known. When her life was viciously torn apart, not by any fault of her’s, but by the cowardly and selfish actions of others, she remained steadfast in her testimony that Heavenly Father has a plan for her and for her sweet babies. If there is anyone aside from Christ that I would try to emulate, it is undoubtedly her. Head over to her blog and I promise you will be touched.

I was super nervous to make such a long road trip with Lucy again. When driving with my parents they were NOT keen on stopping for anything, so Lucy didn’t have such a great time. However, this time we decided to stop at parks when she was hungry so we could let her play around for a while too. What a difference this made! Those short breaks made that darn carseat bearable for her.

The beginning of her obsession with balancing in daddy’s hands…

Of course Lucy and Kaiden got to play together. They are so stinkin’ cute. Lucy, Kaiden, Bentley, and Beckham are all only a few months apart, so you know they’re going to grow up as best buds 🙂

^^I love these two photos. In the first she’s like, “How are you okay with this?!” and Kaiden is just “why is she soooo dramatic…” and the second she’s like “I am NOT okay with this!” Oh the horrors of tummy time…

We were able to go to Carson’s soccer game, which was hilariously adorable. Lucy and I didn’t stay for the whole thing though because we needed to pick up Ethan from Rexburg!

That evening we had a delicious family barbecue. I could eat bbq food all day every day.

Oh and Carly did my hair! It was so needed. It had been untouched since before I was pregnant! She did a fantastic job 😀

And Jeff came up from Logan to hang out and see Avengers with us. It’s pretty much heartbreaking we rarely see each other 🙁

Flashback to being neighbors in Salt Lake City and everything was awesome.

On Mother’s Day Ethan and I got to skype with our brother Ammon, who is currently serving an LDS mission in Warsaw, Poland! He is such an example to me of a faithful servant of the Lord and I aim to be as brave as him in sharing the gospel.

Uhm I didn’t get a picture of Ammon… But here’s Lucy in her Polska shirt all the way from Poland!

Have you noticed the improved photo quality in this post?? Well it’s because for Mother’s Day Zach bought me a DSLR camera! (insert screaming joyously face) I have wanted one for years and years. I’ve done tons of research on them. I’ve entered countless giveaways for them. I’ve put them in my shopping cart and then angrily closed the browser.

This particular one was on sale for $400 off the normal price, and Zach just so happened to have lots of overtime $$, so duhh.

To be honest, it wasn’t this sweet, “here wifey, happy mother’s day, i love you” present. It was a Haleigh was grumpy and went to Target for some retail therapy and saw the sale, called husband, and “Happy Mother’s Day to me”. Hahah hashtag real life.

To his credit he got flowers all on his own, and he and Lucy made the sweetest little card.
But I’m not his mother so he doesn’t have to get me anything anyway!

Lucy is the best everyday present anyway.

Then we went to Natalie’s ward and Bentley and Beckham were blessed. They were beautiful blessings, and the spirit was so strong.

You can’t really tell from this picture ^^ but Lucy & Kenzlee had matching dresses! Cutest cousins!

<3 <3 <3

Grandma Bloomfield is just the sweetest lady!!

That evening Will was gracious enough to snap some photos of our little family, I’ll share them separately since this post is a borderline novel, but here is my favorite:

I like to think we’re pretty darn cute. And check out my hair! Carly is amazing!

On Monday Lucy, Nana, and I traveled to Logan to shoot with the wonderful Kylee Ann Photography for Little Unicorn. Annnnd for whatever reason, Lucy decided “screw smizing, I’m gonna go with murder the cameraman” for her look. 🙄 😆

I mean… I still think she’s the cutest. Even with the grump.
I feel kind of bad about this shoot, because I don’t think I looked very good and I’m not sure it came out how anyone wanted because I was super awkward in front of the camera this time. Kylee did amazing as always, and Little Unicorn’s bag was beautiful, buttt I just didn’t bring my A game.
I’m still super grateful for these photos of little Lulu and me though 🙂
I will share more photos from the shoot in a different post soon!

Annnnd I’ll stop rambling now and just share these last few photos of a sleepy little babe, and some of our trip home.

I could seriously just snuggle that face all day long and never want anything more. Who knew you could feel like that??

We heart watermelon.

Okay my favorite rest stop is this place called the Garden of Eden, in the middle of nowhere Idaho. Before this trip I had only ever stopped there in the dead of night, and to a sleep deprived person it seems pretty cool! There’s this fountain, foliage, a freaking faux snake, a bunch of random stuff, and food. Buttt in the daytime it’s not really that cool, and kind of ghetto. I still love it though because I think it’s hilarious. So duh we stopped there.

We love road trips. We love our family. We love each other.

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    Ummmmm….I freaking love you. Your post was so sweet and your pictures are gorgeous!! Love you guys!! xoxoxo

    • Reply haleigh July 7, 2015 at 6:13 am

      Oh thanks Natalie!! You’re just the sweetest. We love you too, and miss you bunches!! I can’t wait to see you and your babies next month! 🙂

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