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May in the Pacific Northwest

May 25, 2015

I grew up in western Washington. I am very accustomed to the rain, the mud, the overcast, the dreary. And yet, despite all those things, things that are widely regarded as negative, I have always been in love with the pacific northwest. Even when the clouds block out the sun. Even when puddles drench my shoes, and slugs abound. Without these seemingly negative attributes, we could not have the life and beauty that thrive here!

There are forests to be explored, with little creeks meandering through them. There are frogs to befriend, bunnies to oogle over, and deer to marvel at. There are mountains to be climbed, and lakes, even part of the ocean, to enjoy.

And when the sun does shine here, I’ve never seen a more beautiful place.

So I’ll take the rainy days. Because I want the beauty and adventure they create.

(Also, water. Like you need it to live.)

This month, my aunt Lila came to visit along with her good friend, Sue, and Sue’s sister, Shannon. These three women are so sweet and fun to be around. I simply love visiting with them!
Shannon and Sue had never been up in these parts before, and they were in awe of how gorgeous it is. We only had time for a quick walk to Tumwater Falls Park and Percival Landing, but they stopped every 5 feet to gawk at everything and snap photo after photo.

It was super cute.

And totally something I usually do so I was like, “Yes! I can be my uninhibited self now!” #spaz

I’ll stop rambling now so you can drool over these photos.

They’re so cute & sisterly 🙂

I made thissss

I had to include this one ^^ because her face! Hahah

So yeah. It’s beautiful here. You should visit.

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