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Idaho ’15 | Part I

May 14, 2015

In April, Lucy and I had the opportunity to journey to the distant and magical land of eastern Idaho! A place we might never desire to visit were it not for family & Brigham Young University-Idaho. 😉

We, with my parents, were dropping off my wee little bro, Ethan, at college. THEY GROW UP SO FAST. He’s so cool, he plans to be a neuro-surgeon. Like, what?! Such smart.

My in-laws were gracious enough to let us stay with them, which was so great because I hadn’t seen them since Christmas! We met Natalie’s twins, and oh my goodness they are just the sweetest! And uhm I might have become baby hungry again?! To which Zach exclaimed, “You have a baby!!” But she’s not “baby baby”, you know?

Whenever I visit Zach’s family I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have married into such an awesome bunch of people. I am especially lucky to know his sister Natalie; her kind spirit and strong testimony are such an inspiration and example to me of how I ought to be. If you have a few minutes and feel like being inspired, uplifted, and honestly bawling your eyes out, then you should head over to her blog and read her touching words.

So, in an effort to document mine, Zach, and Lucy’s life, here are a bunch of photos from our first trip to Idaho in 2015.

^^theee best breakfast in Boise!

Lucy checking out the twins with her Papa

Great Grandma Bloomfield!

She’s really good at faces.

Zach sent this to us while we were gone. It’s Bellatrix, disguised as a giant black squirrel. I pretty much died laughing.

So far away 🙁

All the cool kids wear their pants on their heads.

How we left our hotel beds…

My best gals

And of course, beautiful Multnomah Falls.

Stay tuned for Idaho ’15 | Part II!

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