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January 9, 2015

The past three weeks have been amazing, tiring, phenomenal, and a downright whirlwind. I still don’t feel like a mom, which is really weird… There were many after-effects of childbirth that I just didn’t realize, and that I was not prepared for to say the least. And breastfeeding??? Yeah I had no idea. It took us I’d say a solid 10 days to finally get the hang of it. Here’s to Lucy for being a trooper with me!
And here’s to my truly outstanding husband for being the most helpful, sweetest, and all around best person I could ever ask for in my life. I honestly don’t think I could have survived without him.

Lucy loves…

  • bath time (especially rinsing her hair),
  • dancing. she flays her long limbs all over the place constantly
  • her daddy. they have a special connection and she adores talking to and staring at him
  • snuggling skin to skin (and her mama loves it too!)
  • stretching and kicking her legs out! no more knees up swaddling for this babe

Lucy doesn’t like…

  • being cold. diaper changes are rough sometimes!
  • having gas
  • hand prison, or mittens.
  • changing clothes. mommy doesn’t like this either! (how does she bend??)

Her coming home outfit was waaaayyyy too big (the giant white bear suit pictured above); I was so disappointed! I bought it like right after we found out I was pregnant, and it’s supposedly size newborn!
She has the cutest facial expressions, and when she yawns she ends it with a baby wolf howl. Also, can we talk about sneeze-farts?? CUTEST EVER.
And apparently the superman pose is the most effective way to be burped. Duh.

She rarely cries. In fact, I think the only times she’s actually cried instead of just letting out one giant scream and then grunting (her usual MO), are when she was born for a minute maybe, when she got her first shot & PKU test, and when her bath water was a little on the cold side (whooops).

At her two week doctor appointment she weighed 7 lbs 10 oz, almost a full pound more than her birth weight! And she measured 21.4 inches, nearly an inch longer! She definitely has her daddy’s genes in the height department. We’re just so proud of her because she’s awesome at being a baby! 😉

I had to post these pictures separate because they’re just amazing.

She looks like she belongs in the Nativity AMIRIGHT??

And then this is my favorite picture in the history of anything ever.

Every time I look at it I just die laughing. I mean seriously though.

And here’s a little clip of Lucy dancing to her song!

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