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January 6, 2015

After the craziness of December 2nd I stayed close to the hospital, just in case labor started again while I was waltzing around at 5cm. None of my doctors thought I’d make it through the weekend, let alone almost 3 more weeks! At each of my following OB appointments they ran NSTs and conducted ultrasounds to make sure the baby had enough amniotic fluid, and was reading well on the monitors. Everything looked perfect, but they were nervous because I was measuring so small. So they suggested induction at 39 weeks and I was thrilled!

They scheduled me for Saturday, December 20th at 7:30 am, with instructions to call at 6am to make sure they still had room for me. Annnnnnd much to my disappointment, they didn’t! Apparently they had a few mamas in there that were in labor, but progressing so slowly they didn’t think they’d have room for me until Monday. Which made me so upset because I had my hopes up, and was by this time at 6cm, and I knew that as soon as they broke my water I’d go fast. But I agreed to wait until the following morning when they tentatively scheduled me again.

I had low expectations for calling again and couldn’t believe when they told me to come in at 8am! I was seriously so excited and smiling uncontrollably at the thought of holding my sweet little babe in just a few hours!
We got all checked in, settled, and started on antibiotics with the plan to get two doses in before they broke my water. My parents brought us breakfast, my husband and father gave me a priesthood blessing, they started me on pitocin, and then we passed the time by watching Godzilla. It was a very laid back morning indeed, even with my regular contractions.

My brother, Ethan, made me this awesome card 😀 All the nurses thought it was hilarious.

1:30pm rolled around and I finished the desired two doses of antibiotics so they broke my water, and the next contraction was definitely painful! After a couple more of those I had Zach ask for the epidural. Before giving me the epidural they put something in my IV to “take the edge off” the contractions, and it was verrrrry nice, and made me so sleepy. When they put the epidural in immediately my feet went numb, so they were afraid that they injected it in the wrong place or something.. I’m not really sure what they were afraid of, I was so out of it from whatever they put in the IV (which wore off within 5 minutes) that I wasn’t paying too much attention. But basically they thought it might have gone in the wrong place and if they put a full dose I would be under surgery level anesthesia, which they didn’t want. So they just kept the test dose in there to see how I did. However, that wore off quickly and my contractions were back to a level 8 on pain. They started a low dose of the epidural, but it wasn’t really working how they (or I) wanted. I was only numb from mid-thigh down and my ribs. Everywhere else, like my abdomen and entire pelvic area, felt completely normal, and were also the only places where I was feeling any pain. The two anesthesiologists that were trying to figure out the epidural said that sometimes it takes a while for the medicine to move into those areas, but mostly they just couldn’t figure out what happened. They upped the dosage, which I’m sure was a valiant effort, but it never took effect where it was supposed to, and it was time to push by now.

I had not prepared myself for pain whatsoever because I expected my epidural to work! So when it came time to push and I was still feeling everything I kind of freaked out. Annnd my pushing consisted of lots of crying and having to be put on oxygen because I was hyperventilating. I can’t even describe how painful it was! At one point, when she was almost out, I thought to myself “either my baby is going to be forever stuck right there in my vagina or they’re going to have to cut me open and pull her out because I cannot push anymore!” I was so embarrassed because I was being such a baby. And poor Zach’s hand… Apparently I was unknowingly peeling the skin from his fingers. Whoops.

I don’t know how or why women willingly have natural births, but kudos to them I guess! They’re much stronger than me.

But after a few more determined, horrible, pushes she was out! They put this perfect, beautiful baby on my chest and I forgot about everything else. She only cried a little and then just started talking to us; even the nurses commented on how vocal she was. And tactile too, she kept putting her hands in my mouth haha. I could have laid right there and held her forever. (Also… check out her alien head! hahah)

But after a little over an hour they wanted to bathe, weigh, and measure her so I had to let go. She was 6 pounds 13 ounces and just over 20 inches in length. The doctors were surprised, she was much bigger than anyone thought she would be based on my measurements. I guess I just hide a baby!

They moved us to our recovery room and for the next two days she was ours to cuddle, kiss, nurse, and love! Well I mean, I guess for the next forever. But it was definitely nice to be in the hospital and have all their help and advice.
Oh and weird fun fact: I hardly had an appetite most of my pregnancy, but oh my goodness did it return tenfold with breastfeeding! I am completely ravenous constantly, and each time I nurse I drink an entire bottle of water. It’s so crazy to me!

And our phenomenal birth photographer, Christie of Marlatt Photography, came back the next morning to snap some more shots of us and the family, when I wasn’t bawling.
She did such an amazing job and I seriously just stare at all of the photos in this post all the time, and these aren’t even all of them! I had such a hard time narrowing down which ones to put on here because they’re all so wonderful.

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    She’s so beautiful! Congrats mama! Also, Ethan is great, love the card!

    • Reply haleigh January 6, 2015 at 4:35 am

      Thank you! We are so in love!
      Hahah right?? Such a clever guy

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