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December 8, 2014

At my 36 week appointment (I think on 11/26) my doctor checked my cervix and discovered I was 2cm dilated and about 30% effaced. She said she didn’t think I’d make it to my due date, or that my labor would be very quick and easy- both great news to me! As long as my baby is healthy, I don’t care how early she comes. We scheduled an ultrasound for the following week to check for growth since I’ve been measuring pretty small :/

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful! Then, the following Tuesday, 12/2, Zach and I went on a walk around Chambers Bay, and then I decided to go down to my parents’ in Olympia while he was at work. Later that evening I met one of my favorite people, Bailey, at Barnes and Noble to catch up since we haven’t seen each other in years! Barnes and Noble closed around 10 and we didn’t know where else to go, so we ended up at a Haggen grocery store and just walked around for a while haha. My contractions started coming about 5 minutes apart, but they weren’t bad at all. Still, we decided to just call my doctor because I was already dilated some, and so early. I didn’t even get to talk to my doctor because the receptionist who answered the phone told me to go straight to the hospital! So we did!

Kudos to Bailey for being so awesome!!

They checked us in and discovered I had progressed to 3cm and about 70% effaced, but decided to just give me some ice water and keep me monitored. Bailey and I entertained ourselves by looking up fashion blogs and taking selfies. We did watch a birth on youtube because I was like “idk wtf to expect because my birthing class isn’t until this weekend”, but that was a mistake, so I decided to remain ignorant.
They checked me again and I was 4cm 80% effaced and then they left.
Oh and by this time I had informed Zach, whose shift didn’t end until 2, (and it was only around 1) so I told him to just finish up and I’d keep him posted.
I really wasn’t expecting anything to happen. My contractions weren’t painful, and I was only 36 1/2 weeks so I figured nothing would happen!

Obviously my contractions weren’t bad. And don’t you just love how Bailey’s nails look like a mustache?

Pregnancy perk: built-in shelf.

Then a different nurse came in and said “Ahhh yay you’re having a baby tonight! How long have you been in labor? Oh this is so exciting.” and I kind of just looked at her dumbfounded and stammered “what?”
They moved me from triage to a labor and delivery room and then started me on penicillin because I’m GBS positive. Ouch. In fact, I think that IV was the most painful thing I’ve experienced of labor so far!

They checked me again and I was 5cm, baby at station 0, and still 80%. I think by this time Zach had arrived with my mom & a bunch of random stuff shoved in a bag since we were so not prepared to go to the hospital yet! My contractions became a little stronger, but nothing I couldn’t talk through. We decided to try to get some sleep, which didn’t really work for me since my IV hurt so bad, and they kept putting on and taking off monitors and antibiotics. Zach was being so sweet and holding me and rubbing my back through the contractions.

Hours passed and when they checked again I hadn’t progressed further, and my contractions were spacing out. My doctor said they wouldn’t do anything to keep the labor going because I was still so early, but they wanted to keep me for a while longer to make sure it didn’t start again.
By this point I was exhausted from lack of sleep, and just really frustrated. I didn’t understand why I went into labor, why it stalled, and why no one was able to give me any answers.
When they checked me a while later and there was still no change, I was so relieved to hear that I could go home if I wanted, (they said they would keep me there too if I’d like). So we left around 3pm on 12/3 and I crashed on my parents’ couch while Zach went up to our apartment to actually put together a hospital bag, since the doctor said he thought it’d be within a few days that our baby was here!

The next morning was my OB appointment, which I was still at 5cm, and then my ultrasound. Baby girl looked perfectly normal, just measuring pretty small (in the 10th percentile). No one seemed worried about it since she’s super active, and her heartbeat is always strong.

Look at her little squish face!

Since then, nothing has really happened! I’ve had some much stronger contractions, but they haven’t been regular. My doctor said to stay in town because when labor does start again, they think it’ll go fast. So that means living at my parents’ while Zach has to mostly stay at the apartment because of his work schedule :/
My family has been so great at trying to distract me from all this because I’m just so annoyed constantly.

We went to my work to pick up my paycheck and some work-from-home stuff and I just have to say that I work with the absolute sweetest people on the planet! My boss gave me a foot massage and worked on pressure points while I made some calls to patients, and then they showed my mom all these pressure points she could work to help induce & keep labor going.

Hilarious, right? So great. Did I mention that they threw me a surprise baby shower a couple weeks ago?! Like I said, seriously the best ladies ever!

We also stopped by our apartment to discover that the cats had found and torn open the catnip and then proceeded to destroy the house.

I just can’t even… I’m not even mad, I just wish I could have seen it all happen!

Now we’re just waiting for labor to start again! My church is throwing me a baby shower 12/8, and then I have another OB appointment on Thursday- which my doctor said she’d be surprised to see me at. I’m just hoping I don’t make it that long, as long as baby B is healthy!
We shall see when she finally decides to show up!

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