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December 1, 2014

So this post is a novel- sorry! Blogging is my way of journaling and sometimes I get a little carried away. Kudos to you if you actually read it hahah, but there are some hilarious pictures at the end!

Finding out baby B’s gender was probably one of the most anticipated events of my pregnancy thus far. I really love designing/planning out spaces so not knowing if our babe was a little lad or lass was making my brain twitch!

One of my Instagram friends, whose due date is like 2 days after mine, found out her baby’s gender at about 17 weeks and I was so jealous! My doctor was going to make me wait until 20, but I managed to convince the receptionist to sneak me in a week early.

Initially I wanted to have the ultrasound tech put the gender on a note and stick it in an envelope so we could get a cake made and have a little party with friends and family. However, Zach was not fond of anyone knowing before we did (#pridemuch?), not even some “Joe Shmoe baker” could know our child’s sex before him!


But, after realizing that having a party would actually be impossible thanks to his current work schedule, I grudgingly agreed to find out during the ultrasound.

The day before our appointment I kind of had a little freak out moment. Zach was going on about how excited he was and he couldn’t wait and I was suddenly like, “I don’t want to go to the appointment.” And I was just filled with so much anxiety and fear about it! I’m not sure why- I think maybe it was because I knew that once I found out the gender, all the shopping for baby stuff would begin, and I would put together the nursery, and then it would all become very real that we were having a child and I in no way whatsoever feel ready or remotely qualified to be a parent.

Additionally, what if our babe didn’t cooperate and we couldn’t even tell the gender?

I didn’t get over these feelings of anxiety until the morning of, at which point my excitement was brought on again by Zach’s suggestion for a banana/nutella breakfast.

Food controls my emotions apparently.

I had an OB appointment right before my ultrasound, which went so well! I gained some weight back (yay?!) and I asked all the questions I wanted to! I usually struggle remembering what I want to ask, or I just chicken out. I even got a referral for massage so woohoo! (Insert snarky comment from baby daddy “how hard your life is that you go to work and get a massage!” hahah)

But then my weird mood/attitude toward the ultrasound returned and suddenly every little thing bothered me! The tech pronounced my name wrong, which happens on a daily basis and I never care, but for some reason it irked me. Then she wouldn’t change my last name on the ultrasound screen (because I’m still covered under my parent’s insurance and my maiden name is what’s on there still, so they have to put everything under my maiden name for billing purposes -_-) and I just really wanted my actual name to be on the pictures we could take home, so that irked me as well. And to top it off, really really dumb pop songs were playing (loudly, I might add) on their little radio.

Can we just blame pregnancy hormones for my outrageously disproportionate irritation at these stupid little things?? I promise I’m usually a very laid-back person!

But anyway, all of this, compounded with my newly returned anxiety over learning baby’s gender, made me a little ball of frazzle- until the ultrasound started.

Once I saw our sweet little babe and Zach squeezed my hand, all of those negative feelings melted away.

Zach and I both honestly didn’t care what sex our child was. But when the tech typed “I’m a girl!” on one of our pictures to let us know, I just started crying! Not like sobbing, but tears streaming. Pure love and happiness were coursing through me, and I was overwhelmed with a powerful desire to just hold our baby girl.

The rest of the day was blissful as we oogled over the pictures we got to take home, (one of them was a crotch shot, which Zach defiantly stated had better be her first and last ever! hahah)

I mean, look how cute she is!

And then the Pinning/Wanelo-ing/Etsy-ing began with a determined fury!

Since we weren’t doing a party, I wanted to figure out some cute way to announce the gender to our friends! We decided on popping a balloon full of pink confetti, but finding someone with a DSLR, or who would let us use one for a decent picture, was a challenge! That and finding time to be together to take a picture during daylight hours! (Again, Zach’s work schedule. Such frustration. Much lame.)

5 days later without any DSLR success we settled for iPhone photos in the backyard-hooray! Special thanks to my wonderful parents for taking them, and for helping us brainstorm ways of popping the balloon!

And thanks to Wyatt for not accidentally killing us with the various sharp objects shot above our heads.

And Quinn, I’m still not sure about you after your .22 suggestion.

 He was not happy with me for scolding him for taking a bite out of the lollipop. Look at that eyeroll!

I’m like dying of laughter when the balloon didn’t pop.

When Wyatt’s aim was a little off…

Most painful confetti EVER!

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